New Site

Over the last couple months I’ve been posting pictures of my watercolour paintings. I hadn’t painted with watercolour prior to starting the class in October.

The main difficulty with watercolour as a medium is that it’s difficult to fix a painting once you have made a mistake. Even with that shortcoming I found that I really enjoy painting with watercolour.

Since this has traditionally been a homeschooling blog, I bought another domain for posting my watercolour paintings. It’s not completely set up yet but it’s live.

It will be after Christmas before I do much more to it but I will finish the setup within the next month or so. Check out Original Watercolour.

First Snow

First Snow

The frist snowfall of the season.

I got up this morning and it was snowing. It has been snowing gently all day. This is my first attempt at painting a winter scene.


Spring Rain

Rain on a growing field of corn.

I didn’t post last weekend because Andrea & I went to Denver to meet with the Copyblogger team. Someone mentioned the importance of rain to the indigenous people who populated North America centuries ago. This painting is representative of said importance.



Lighthouse with a stormy sky

One of the techniques we learned this week is called reverse painting. It’s essentially painting everything but the silhouette of one or more objects. As you add each colour you add new silhouette(s).

Fall Colours

Maple in fall colours

Maple tree in out back yard with only some leaves remaining.

This is my painting for this weekend. I thought it would be a decent way to practice some of the techniques we learned in the last couple classes.

Watercolour classes

River's Edge

Watercolour river scene

Sarah & I signed up to take an evening watercolour class. We had the first class 3 1/2 weeks ago. Due to a power outage & an unspecified reason the next two classes were cancelled. We’ll catch up on those by having a couple extra classes after the end of the regular class schedule.

Prior to the first class I had never painted with watercolour. I’ve been trying painting something each weekend. I’ve been trying lots of techniques & experimenting with different brushes.

The painting above is what I did this weekend. The green around the edge is tape which I have since removed. Adding the tape gives you a nice crisp border.

I’m not anywhere near being an expert yet but I am really enjoying it. It will serve me well as a “away from the computer” hobby each week ๐Ÿ™‚

Garden Growing

Tomato Forest

Looking across the tomato patch at about 5 feet. The soil in the raised bed is about a foot above grade.

Squash Patch

The squash patch headed for the lawn.

Raised Beds

The backyard includes a garden spot which our landlord’s parent had used for years. Since I wasn’t planning on planting too much this year I decided to build a couple boxes for raised beds. I planted squash & transplanted tomatoes the week after Father’s Day.


The tomatoes are starting to overflow the raised bed.


The squash have hit the point where they are going to start running.


Sidewalk drawings

Apparently, Lauren likes drawing flowers. There were several more spread along about 100 feet of walkway.

Liverpool Bay

Liverpool Bay

Looking out into the Atlantic Ocean from the Liverpool (Nova Scotia) lighthouse.