12 Keys to homeschooling

Witin the next month or so, we’ll be celebrating our 12th anniversary of homeschooling. Last week Andrea and I discussed the possibility of doing he said/she said posts in recognition of Valentine’s Day. We wanted to reflect back on things we learned over the years. I thought to myself, ‘Surely I can come up with one significant thing that I’ve learned for each year of homeschooling.’ I’m not going to present these in the order in which they were learned. I’d rather present them in what I consider to be the order of importance.

There are an abundance of ‘keys to’ books out there. So, I’m expecting that everyone in familiar with the ‘keys to’ concept. In a way, you can look at my list as a set of morals. In presenting these, I recognize that I won’t be telling you anything that has not been told before.

  1. When you wake up each day, before you get out of bed, forgive your children, in advance, for anything that they might do during the day. Don’t be discouraged if in the course of your day you fail to keep your original intent. Tomorrow is a new day in which a fresh start can be made.
  2. Love unconditionally.
  3. Be humble. Be gentle. Be patient. You were a child once.
  4. Listen to your children.
  5. Trust your children.
  6. Don’t underrate your children.
  7. Don’t control. Set an example instead.
  8. Don’t be afraid to tell your children you were wrong.
  9. It’s okay to say, ‘I don’t know.’
  10. Reinvent the wheel. You may get a new wheel.
  11. Look forward to experiencing new things.
  12. Every invention is the result of someone going where no one has gone before.

Like all moralists, I am not really telling you anything new. I’m just reminding you of things that other moralists have said for thousands of years. When I initially jotted down this list, I started to come up with explanations for each. But, as I write this, I don’t see that any explanation is necessary. And so, I offer none.

Author: Ron

Homeschooling dad of 4 (ages 27 - 14), grampy to 3, WordPress core contributor, former farmboy & software developer by profession.

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  1. Your number 3 and Andreas’s number whatever it was about learning that you are more patient than you thought you were go very well together. But your different ways of thinking about things are pretty evident. Useful lists of 12 things…

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