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The note I would like to add is that TTUAC is not the only parenting book which advocates a judgement (i.e. crime, punishment, shame, humiliation) based parenting approach. I don’t have the info on any others at this time. But I do recall Andrea and I discussing more than one of these books over the years. If you know of others could you drop the info in a comment? TIA

Via: Joanne who has provided additional resource links here.


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  1. Ugh.

    Gary Ezzo

    Babywise, Growing Kids God’s Way,

  2. There is a time and a place for instant obedience, but these people make my stomach SICK. They make my heart hurt. Quite frankly I could cry thinking about the children in the homes of those who adhere to their teaching. WHY so many christians blindly follow their clearly UNChristlike advice is such a mystery to me. I can only shake my head and plead intercesion for those poor babies.

  3. Doc – thanks for the link.

    pwsmommy – I agree 100%.

  4. There are so many more effective alternatives, which teach kids responsibility and how to think and make sound judgements.

  5. Stephen and Susan Lawrence started this website to lay out some of this information:

    Ted Tripp, Fugates and Roy Lessin are some other names besides Ezzo and Pearl.

  6. Ugh.

    Gary Ezzo

    Babywise, Growing Kids God’s Way,

    Related to this is the site . It is a clearinghouse of “all things Ezzo” and organizes the medical, journalistic, and other information clearly. The site owner strives to have everything well-documented and factually accurate. Ezzo supporters don’t like that site. *wink* However, they find fault with the fact it points out the problems with Gary Ezzo and his teachings–they can’t find fault with its accuracy.

    I especially encourage people to check out the “Voices of Experience” section for the been there, done that stories. I believe it is important to remember that the vast majority of parents who follow the ideas of Gary Ezzo, Michael Pearl, or other extreme, punitive teacher really love their children dearly and want the best for them. Often they are so motivated to do everything “right” that they are more vulnerable to these authoritarian teachers.