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I first read about this on Thursday night at Carlotta’s. If you look on Carlotta’s sidebar, she has a number of posts on the subject of child welfare. They are all worth a read.

Andrea and I briefly discussed the story in a google chat. Andrea told me not to read the linked news story. And I haven’t. If I have time and the heart to do so, I’ll write on this subject sometime. As much as our society pressures us to compartmentalize our selves, I do not for a moment regret that I cannot help but feel an indescribeable amount of sorrow, not only for this young man, but also for the thousands upon thousands of children who are treated in a similar manner.

For now, I’ll borrow the words of Valerie who has written a good post about it:

But one thing that I don’t understand is the insistence of some Christian sects on using the older bits of the Bible — translated from a far more distant time and culture – as t.h.e. guidelines. Those people were neolithic nomads. At least Jesus was a person who lived an urban life. Why not focus on the newer parts with the message of love and acceptance, ’suffering’ children to come unto me, doing good to the ‘least of my brothers?’ How much more ‘least’ can we get than small children. (But that leads to a different can of worms. Why beat children you’ve insisted have a right to be born?)

Good question: Why?

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  1. Dear Ron,

    I think your sorrow alone speaks volumes, and the link to and quotation from Valerie’s piece more than sufficient to the task. I seem to remember Valerie also made the point that the “spare the rod, spoil the child” quotation doesn’t actually come from the Bible at all. Even if it did, (and I will check it out further), I cannot see how these acts of child abuse can be regarded as Christian.


  2. I read the article and now wish I hadn’t. My tender heart and passionate brain cannot process everything.
    Thank you for speaking on this subject. It is my wish that the whole parenting community rises up against this abuse and hurt.

  3. I haven’t read the article — sounds like horrible things happened. But I do get frustrated when those who advocate gentle parenting insist that all spanking is the same and all spanking is beating. I actually have pretty much stopped spanking because it simply isn’t effective with my children’s personality styles. Simply put — I cannot spank hard enough to make them want to behave. There, it could get into beating if I weren’t careful. BUT I know dozens of people — my parents included — who spanked with out beating. My father, in fact, was very careful never to beat us because of the physical abuse suffered as a child — and broke a nearly 100-year cycle. BUT he found many other ways to abuse us without beating or sexual abuse. So, I would be careful to lump all spanking into beating and all not-spanking into good parenting.