The socialization question

Carolyn has done yet another fine piece of writing regarding the question every homeschooler gets asked. Here’s a sample:

“How will your child learn to deal with bullies?”

A homeschooled child learns to see bullying for exactly what it is: unacceptable behavior. Homeschooled students do not grow up in the constant shadow of bullies, and do not become accustomed to kowtowing to them.

Author: Ron

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5 thoughts on “The socialization question”

  1. I agree. Might I also add, bullies are everywhere. They are on the block playing games with the neighbors, they are in teams and dance classes. They can even be in families. I think the implication inherent in the question is “your child is not being immersed in the actual world with real people and will not be able to cope at all” which is absurd.

  2. Hi Ron, thanks for stopping by. Maybe you and your wife could help me with something. Do you or her know of any single mothers that blog? If so, let me know please, I’ll be back later to read your blog. I’ve been kinda busy, it’s my son’s bday soon and my sister in law/best friend is coming to visit.


  3. An interesting post and link. The socialization issue is a big factor in deciding how to help our son in his education. I think schools can be a fine place for indoctrination. The question is how much indoctrination is good? And how much is bad?

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