Pot meet Kettle

In an AP Story,
the author says, "Nearly all scientists dismiss it (the theory of
intelligent design) as a scientific theory, and critics say it’s
nothing more than religion masquerading as science."

Ironically, nearly all evolutionists creationists dismiss the theory of intelligent design evolution as a scientific theory, and critics say it’s nothing more than religion masquerading as science.


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Tail Whips

Usually, in all of programming courses I taught, I would at some point in the course take about 15 minutes of the beginning of the class to explain something to them. For those who had me for a half dozen or more courses, this talk might have gotten a bit old. But, even then, it was worthwhile for them to remember the standpoint I was teaching from.

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On curriculum

An article which illustrates how curriculum, however well intended, often goes wrong:

Most (cover) letters looked alike in their emphasis on The Dissertation and sounded alike — as if they were being generated by some amorphous, jargon-laden computer: “My dissertation, based on the theory of [insert theorist here], informs the impact of cultural practices found in [insert adjective here] literary sites.”

A good read for home ed parents or teens.

The pre-history of atypical homeschool – He said

I grew up on a homestead type farm in rural New Brunswick (Canada), a younger sibling in a large family. Andrea grew up in what was the largest city in the province at the time. We met in college in the ‘80s. We were enrolled in different years in the same computer programming diploma program. About the same time that I graduated, Andrea came to the decision that programming wasn’t really what she wanted to do.
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One of the problems programmers face is dealing with a large number of the same datatype. An example of this is this web page. If you view the page source you will see that behind the scenes a web page is a bunch of text. In talking about datatypes, I introduced the char datatype which holds 1 character. But this page consists of a few thousand characters. As a programmer, you would not want to have to create a variable for each character in the page. Programming would be a horribly inefficient means of processing a web page.
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