On vacation

Tomorrow will be the end of anothe week of vacation. And this time, we’ve actually done some vacation type things. I’ve even put a few hours in on the back veranda, sometimes reading, but mostly just enjoying mot having something that needed to be done. Tonight, I took some pics. Here are a couple (I did have to walk out in the back yard to take them):

Even though the high temperature today was 90 F (32 C), by 7 this evening there was a nice cool breeze. I think the back veranda will see most of its use in spring and fall. I’m looking forward to more evenings out there 🙂

Goodbye winter

This was one of our remaining remnants of winter. I took both the next 2 pictures yesterday.

Ice cave/wave

Ice cave

It started out like this in mid-February:

Emma's castle

The only thing between us and the ground was snow. The castle had 4 entrances, 2 on each side of the hill.

Winter Carnival

This week is winter carnival in town. Yesterday, Isaw the ice blocks set up in the town square and a crew working away at carving them. I took Andrea out this afternoon to look at the results and to snag a few pictures. Andrea took most of them partly because my glasses tint in the sunlight and I can barely see the lcd screen on the camera. In any event, with some ropping, one of the pictures I took is now my desktop wallpaper. If you click on it, you can get the full size image.

icy desktop

A long time coming

We have always wanted to have a picture of our house from across the river. Our previous digital camera only had digital zoom and you rarely got a clear shot if you used the zoom. On Saturday, I was over in that area on an errand. I didn’t have the camera with me, but it reminded me that we were probably running out of chances to get the picture. So, on Sunday, I took the camera while I was dropping Sarah off to work. After dropping her off, I went across the bridge and up river until I was at one of the good spots to see our house.Given how steady my hands are, I wasn’t sure how the picture would turn out at a full 10x optical zoom. I was pleasantly surprised:

Our neighbourhood

The new camera

If you hadn’t already heard from Andrea, I have the new camera this week. My office is also about a minute’s walk from the Saint John River. And, I was rewarded this week with a couple days of picturesque scenery.

Looking across the Saint John River.

A second shot from further back, later in the day, using the zoom. The car was probably moving at about 30 mph.

Yesterday morning it was cold enough that frost formed on almost everything, including the trees.

Another shot taken yesterday of the the other side of the river while looking over the library roof.

I think I like it 🙂

Busy weekend

For those outside of Canada, today was Canada Day which means that this is a long weekend for us. I’ve also taken a day’s vacation and will not be going back to work until Tuesday evening. A few months ago we decided that this weekend we would sand the floor in one of the bedrooms.

When we bought the house, one of the bedroom floors had been stripped sown to the hardwood (maple) and refinished. In the other 3 bedrooms, the wood floors were covered with carpet and under the carpet were the hard tiles that were all the rage 30-40 years ago. Two years ago, after we had removed the tiles from a second bedroom, I sanded the floor with a drum sander and refinished it with a clear urethane. Like many houses built a century ago in this area, while all the floors downstairs were hardwood, only some of the bedrooms have hardwood floors.

Although I’m not certain, I believe that this bedroom floor is hemlock. Over the last few weeks, we have worked away at getting the floor ready to sand. Here is a pic of the floor before I started sanding it today (click for full size):

Ready for sanding

And here is how far I got today:

Partially sanded

In the long run, I’m not particularly looking to remove all of the finish that’s on the floor. Softwood floors look really nice if they are stained or painted. So, that is what we will be doing with this floor. None the less, I expect that this would look spectacular if it were sanded down and a clear finish applied.

Nice trip, glad to be home again

The trip was better than I expected (I’m not much of a travel for work traveller). It was definitely worthwhile from a work perspective. I got to meet a few people that heretofore I had only exchanged emails with. Also, on Wednesday night I met up with a long time internet friend. I have to say long time because I don’t remember when it was we had our first chat via the internet but I would expect it was at least 6 years ago.

Even though the trip went well, there is nothing like being home again. So, for tonight, I’ll post some pics of this week’s arrivals in the garden (hover to see description, click to see full size):

rugosa rose

mock orange blossoms

mock orange bush

Happy Father’s Day

I wanted to wish all the homeschooling dads out there a happy Father’s Day. When I got home last night, Addison was just putting the finishing touches on the preparation he was making for the weekend:

manicured front yard

Mom had helped him with some areas of the yard, but as I understand it, he did most of it. The mowing and hedge trimming extends to the back yard (I didn’t get a picture clear enough to post). The green in the landscape caused the green in the house paint to be pretty washed. There are hundred of blooms in between the front and back yards of irises, day lilies, columbine, roses, bleeding heart, chives, forget-me-nots & phlox.

Photo Entry

Click on any image to see it full size.

I think Sarah took this picture of a brooding sky. I thought it might make a decent desktop wallpaper:

Brooding sky

Emma takes a pic while we are driving:

Emma pic

We stopped in to take a picture of a small castle I drive by twice a week:

small castle

Andrea took this while we were driving through the world’s longest covered bridge. We weren’t driving at the speed the blur suggests:

covered bridge

A couple of light effect images (both by Sarah):



I mentioned I bought a new computer (I have to hear alot of ooOOoo’s and aaaaahhhhhhhhh’s):


I think I need a new camera

Last night I worked on some functionality for Homeschool Journal. Tonight, I’ll be finishing that off. Andrea and I are in process of compiling a comprehensive prioritized punch list of things to do for the site. So, I won’t be posting anything succinct here tonight. In lieu of that, one of the reasons I brought the camera with me this week was that I wanted to take some landscape shots. I got some good ones and some ok ones but before I show too many off, I’ll need to do some image editing.

Before Christmas, Andrea and I were looking at a 5.X megapixel camera which took incredible pictures. I’m really looking forward to the day when we get one. In the meanwhile, here is one of them that will give you the sense of the shot I was going for. Use your imagination to create a crisp image 😉

looking east