On Community

I picked this link up from a comment left on Andrea’s blog. The Queen’s English version is hilarious. But the overall point that Jim made was quite valid, nonetheless: in a community people have your back.


Unschooling Voices #13 is up.

Andrea sent me a link to some maze design research at the University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s prominent universities. I’ve always enjoyed mazes. What I find a bit amusing about the article is that in one of the programming courses I used to teach, I gave the students an assignment where they wrote a maze solving program.

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The newest, coolest blog on the internet

Chris has started a new site called ParentTech.com. Based on the content so far, it looks like one to watch.

Logo design contest

lifelearning.org is currently running a logo design contest for homeschoolers- Best Homeschooling Site Awards Logo Design Contest, the complete info is here:

It is open to all homeschoolers- kids and parents alike and 1st
prize is 100.00.

Contest deadline is December 1.

Quick link

I discovered a new site on the weekend. The Happy Homeschooler is back. In addition to writing a blog, Joanne has created a site called, get off your butt parenting. Welcome back Joanne!

No fooling

I totally forgot that today was April fool’s day.

Unschooling voices is out.

A report is out on the effect of institutionalizing young childen. (HT: Todd)

An alternative school

is looking for funds to continue operation.

HT: Todd

Interesting quote

Andrea sent me this tonight and I liked it so much I couldn’t resist posting it.

“However strange it may well seem, to do one’s duty will make any
one conceited who only does it sometimes. Those who do it always
would as soon think of being conceited of eating their dinner as
of doing their duty.

What honest boy would pride himself on not picking pockets? A
thief who was trying to reform would. To be conceited of doing
one’s duty is then a sign of how little one does it, and how
little one sees that a contemptible thing it is not to do it.”/

~ G. MacDonald, The Wise Woman

Great post

I haven’t been linking to alot of blog posts lately because I am often a week behind reading them. Today, I got a pingback from Todd. He wrote a fantastic response to the cartoon I linked to last night.


It’s unclear whether this cartoonist is in favour of or opposed to homeschooling.

HT: Carrie