Carnival of Unschooling #1

Gather ’round all yee readers, for the first edition of the Carnival of Unschooling. “But what is unschooling?” you may ask. Go forth to wikipedia and readeth the entry on unschooling, and then come back. I’ll wait.

Ready? Well, let’s see what unschooling gems we have discovered in the blog-o-sphere…

Reading is big – or rather, the joy of discovery of the meaning of the printed word. Wilma, at No Assembly required, notes how it is starting. Linda, at fourlittlebirds, expresses it beautifully how her oldest can finally read, but doesn’t know how he’d normally be labeled as a “late” reader.

Totally Crunchy teaches herself and her boy to knit. Billie Jean does some hands-on learning at a chocolate factory. Mmmm.

Geronimo, who has since moved, has to explain – yet again – what they do all day, but this time, “to someone with a novocaine needle in his hand, in the 6 seconds before administering the injection to your child. ” I’d rather have the novocaine if I could avoid the question. Janine has one of those unschool days, which sounds like it turned out pretty okay. Except for the mac n’ cheese – I’ve been cooking too much of that lately. 😉 Over at Live Free, Learn Free, Shana shares a typical unschooling day as well. “Nothing spectacular, but always extraordinary. ” Well said!

And over at Today’s Lessons, she writes in a stream of conciousness about unschooling math and how they have Pi at midnight. She did write it back in May, but I felt it was so good it had to be included.

Danny the homeschooling dad compares schooling to raising lab rats and calls for breaking out of the maze. Manoj Padki at Our unschooling Adventure explains how homeschooled kids are already out in the real world.

Well, there you have it. Tune in next month in the new year to see the second installment of the Carnival of Unschooling. As always, submissions are more than welcome.

Listed on the UberCarnival home page. Or at least it was until they took it off for some reason.

Note: The Carnival of Unschooling has move to Unschooling Voices.

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  1. I really enjoyed the links from this first Carnival of Unschooling, thanks !
    I just spread the word about it on my blog (in French though).

  2. Great idea. I do enjoy reading your website once in a while. Just a note: my name is spelt as MANOJ, not MANJO. And don’t beat yourself up over it; you’re not the first one to mis-spell it!

    Keep up the good work!

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