Couldn’t resist

Since we started using Spam Karma it has been doing an excellent job of handling spam comments. But a couple times a week 1 or 2 show up in the moderation queue. This week’s spam comment was priceless. The url of the author lead back to one of those sites written for the naive, written like the scripts of if you follow our simple program you to can lose weight/keep fit/become a millionaire/get friends/influence people/blah, blah, blah.

In this case, the drivel that the site is selling is supposedly the surfire, can’t fail, easy to follow program for parenting infants. It only takes having 2 children to learn there is no such thing. The irony that I couldn’t resist was that the post the spammer chose to associate with the site was How to be a Bad Parent.

I had intended to go on and talk about things that are somewhat fluffy when compared to the above post. But ended up re-reading the things I posted on the above subject. So, I don’t have the heart for fluff atm:


Author: Ron

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