Quick Move

Yesterday, I was planning on starting migrating Homeschool Journal over to a new server. That had already been delayed by a couple weeks due to our quest to replace our defunct 10 year old Ford Focus. For moving sites from one server to another I always use SSH which gives me command line access on the server. With SSH you don’t have to download and upload content, backups, etc. You can do direct server to server transfers.

The original plan was that I would make some backups, start the transfer process and break for lunch while the transfer was running. But, when I went to connect to the old server, it wasn’t there. Due to long standing & recurring issues with the billing system (and company) for the old server, the outstanding credit in our account was not applied to our bill and the server had been shut down due to non payment.

Enough was enough. Whatever else I had in mind for yesterday, I had no intention of going to bed before Homeschool Journal was moved off the server & running on the new server. I already had a test account set up on the new server, so the main hurdles were getting the old server re-instated and waiting for the DNS to propagate.

Last night and today, Andrea & I put a few hours into cleaning up dead blogs (ones that had never really been used) and deactivating the themes that were unused or unpopular. Even though the priority of the migration & cleanup was cranked up by a hosting company that’s gone downhill over the last couple years, Andrea & I we glad to be finally getting to the tweaking, cleanup, etc. I’m going to try to set aside an hour a day for the next few weeks to see how much we can have done by the time Thanksgiving (the Canadian one) rolls around.

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