Unschooling, mainstream magazines and the carnival

Today Sarah got one of her very few magazine subscriptions (they get to pick one or two a year) and in the April issue of Elle Girl (page 108) was an article entitled “Unschooling Uncovered”.

It’s an extremely brief introduction into the world of unschooling for the mainstream prom queens. I will admit, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very good either. They had the requisite quotes from officials making it seem like a bad idea, and a bit of a gloss-over of the real guts of unschooling. For a magazine that touts (or at least tries to) being an individual, I would think they’d be all over this one.

I was also amused to find this in the “elle girl investigates” department. If this is how they investigate things, I hope they don’t get put on a major crime. I’ll be interested in seeing what kind of letters to the editor they get.

Sadly, the article doesn’t appear online. You can also read Sandra Dodd’s take on it, as it was her daughter Holly that was interviewed.

Meaghan’s take on it: “They made it sound like we’re stupid and we’re not learning anything! And we actually probably do more than people in school, because we have more stuff to do, like on the computer. And math? I do math in my head all the time.”

Sarah’s take: “It was okay. At least it wasn’t really biased against it.”

Also, the next Carnival of unschooling is coming up – the second Thursday every month, remember? If you have written or have recently read an interesting blog post about unschooling, submit it here. I’ll post them on March 9th, bright and early.

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