More pics

This week I took some more pictures. I’ve picked 3 to use to tell you a little more about the last few weeks. They say a pictures worth a thousand words. I guess when it comes down to it, I don’t have the time to put into the 1000 words.

I took this picture outside and a bit away from the house. But, it gives you an idea of what I see when I look out the back through the french doors in the morning. Andrea’s aunt’s house is in the upper Saint John River valley.

Saint John River

During the week, each morning I drive south and eventually top a hill mostly surrounded by open fields. Once I start down the other side of the hill, this next pic is what I see. The village you can see in the pic is called Somerville. It’s across the river from Hartland. If you look at the center of the picture carefully, you can see the world’s longest covered bridge (1282 ft).

Morning view

Although the bridge is still in the background, it’s easier to see in this picture. All of the white area is ice that piled up in a rain and thaw spell about 7 weeks ago. The covered bridge is a 1 lane bridge without any form of traffic control to coordinate which direction the traffic is traveling in at the moment. From what I’ve seen, everyone is very polite in using it.

Ice above the Longest Covered Bridge

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