More traveling pics

Last week, I left the camera with Andrea. This week I thought I’d see if I could get a few pics of some of the other landscape that I’ve been driving through/by every Sunday. It was an overcast day, so both of these are quite grey. I took more pictures than this, but the others are quite blury because, well, I was moving when I took them.

Last week, I wrote about Over the rainbow. This whole in the cloud cover with the sun streaming through kept me company for almost half an hour. It reminded me of that song. The pic doesn’t do the scene justice.

overcast sunset

The above pic was taken only about 2 minutes before this one. These were taken on an straight stretch of road that lasts about 8 miles. The pic below is just within the community of Williamsburg. I was hoping to capture the sense of how much space everyone has around them in a country community in Canada. And over the rise that dwindles in the foreground of the picture, is another scene much like this one.

the highway through Williamsburg

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