Photo entry

After supper, I walked down to the lake to get a few pictures of the sunset. I stopped a few steps short of the lake shore and looked back. I couldn’t resist. Even to the naked eye, my tracks disappeared in the distance. I would guess that I was standing on between 3 & 4 feet of snow. There were many spots on the way down that I left no tracks at all. Over night Saturday night, we had a mixture of freezing rain and ice pellets. The few places I’ve punched a hole through the crust it has been about 3 inches thick. The last time I remember having a crust that solid was 30 years ago (also on March break). For 2 days, we spent 8-10 hours on our bikes going places we had never been able to take our bikes before or since.

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Homeschooling dad of 4 (ages 27 - 14), grampy to 3, WordPress core contributor, former farmboy & software developer by profession.