Do unschoolers need extensions?

Last week I said I was planning on writing a post tonight. A couple time in the last month I was late enough leaving home that I drove the long trip through the woods in the dark. On both trips, I saw (and had close calls with) large wildlife. Tonight it was overcast and I knew I would be driving most of that distance in the dark and decided to take an alternate route which involved less wilderness. I encountered a detour about 2 hours into that alternate route. So, the trip took nearly 4 hours. So, the short of it is that I won’t be writing that post until tomorrow night.

Also, in one of the posts below, someone asked me to participate in a getting prepared for the school year type of meme. I have to decline. So far, what we have done to prepare for the school year is nothing. Nor will we be doing anything in the next few weeks. In our jurisdiction homeschoolers are not required to observe the school year and we don’t. The closest we get to it is stocking up on “school” materials because for some of them, this is the only time of year when many stores have a good stock of that type of supplies. While I recognize that in some jurisdictions homeschoolers are obligated to observe the school year (eg. record attendance), I do not want to lend further credence to the widely held belief that homeschooling is school at home. Believ it or not, I have had some ask me if we had a room set up with desks, chairs and a chalkboard.

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5 thoughts on “Do unschoolers need extensions?”

  1. I’ve actually seen the ‘desks, chairs and a chalkboard’ – scary. I’ve also known homeschoolers that actually stand up in front of their kids and lecture – very very scary.

  2. They have big wildlife in your neck of the woods. Don’t they actually recommend that you not drive on those roads after dark? Glad you only saw it and didn’t run into it.

    Plans change. You didn’t have an assignment. You don’t need an extension. Hurray for not following the school year.

  3. Well, only the very back roads. There’s moose crossing signs on pretty much *every* road between here and there.

    I affectionately call them line-dancing moose, because that’s what the sign looks like.

  4. Just got back from a bit of a drive myself. We saw two deer in the median driving on the interstate. Not sure how they got to the middle, though there are no fences, and I hope they made it back okay.

  5. Meg – I suspect that most people don’t give a thought to their own learnig outside a classroom. But also, I wonder if most people don’t find the educational process as it is carried out in a classroom a bit mystifying (i.e a black box).

    joVE – Unless you are in a city, there are really no roads in NB that you don’t have to watch for animals at night. The 4 lanes mostly have fences but they are not a guarantee that you won’t have an animal on the road. Both close calls actually involved other drivers making it a close call. I slow down quite a bit at night which makes the critters easier to avoid. The problem is getting other drivers to slow down as well.

    sam – Although I’ve seen alot of deer on or near the road at night, I’ve rarely had close calls with them. They are afraid of cars and get off the road if you give them time. Moose on the other hand will run down (and back and forth across) the road in front of you for long distances.

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