One of the problems programmers face is dealing with a large number of the same datatype. An example of this is this web page. If you view the page source you will see that behind the scenes a web page is a bunch of text. In talking about datatypes, I introduced the char datatype which holds 1 character. But this page consists of a few thousand characters. As a programmer, you would not want to have to create a variable for each character in the page. Programming would be a horribly inefficient means of processing a web page.
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Homeschooling Your Baby or Toddler

Homeschooling your baby or toddler is easier than it sounds, and you don’t need fancy or expensive curriculum. It just means
doing those things that you would normally be doing with them anyway,
except in a concientious manner.

Here’s some ideas to incorporate into your daily adventures with your little one.

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