Michael Pearl, I’ve added a category just for you.

I originally saw Doc link to this story. I’ve since seen it at Meg’s & Carrie’s.

We have talked about this subject at length in these posts:

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7 thoughts on “I AM NOT A LESBIAN”

  1. I’m not a lesbian either (although, my lesbian friends say I’d make a great one!), but the title of your post definitely caught my eye! 🙂

    I keep a stash of laxative brownies in my cabinets in case the Ezzo’s or Pearl’s were to ever be in the neighborhood! lol

  2. Please don’t take this comment the wrong way because I don’t want y’all thinking I’m advocating spanking.

    But this article is a little off base pitting the Pearls as “pro-spanking” against Rachael Miller as “anti-spanking.”

    What the Pearls advocate goes beyond spanking or corporal punishment or whatever you want to call it. I cannot in good conscience call every parent who has ever swatted their child abusers.

    But what the Pearls advocate is extreme…striking children as young as seven months for crying out in the night. And not stopping until they stop crying? It is focused not on instruction or on discipling but on domination and power.

    I just worry that the way this is presented here that a lot of people who do spank their children will reflexively defend the Pearls and not realize just how extreme their views are, even within the Christian community.

  3. I’m not a lesbian, either, Ron (for whatever that’s got to do with hurting children), and I protest, too. I read To Train Up a Child years ago, and it makes me just as queasy now as it did then.

  4. Christine 😀

    Dana – No exception taken to your comment. The issue I intended to address is that Michael Pearl’s statement is a gross misrepresentation which I find highly improbable that they are not aware of. And I personally have a significant issue with the fact that they call themselves Christians in the same breath.

    Valarie – Thank you, I know you do.

  5. I certainly hope everyone knows that these people do not represent Christ. “Spare the rod” is fine advice, in very limited circumstances. These people are insane.

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