Outcome Based Learning II

sam asked whether outcome base learning took into consideration what the child wanted. One of the first things that came to mind when I read his comment was that I could not recall a time when public education and consideration for what a child wanted had ever been in the same train of thought. I realized afterward that was because in my experience public education had no consideration for what I wanted. I’m not saying that I didn’t have a few teachers who bent the rules a bit to make what they were teaching more interesting.

Although I’ve never been subject to it, I’m certain that outcome based learning would have even less concern for students than the process I went through. In outcome based learning, the only thing that is clearly defined is the end result. So, I honestly expect that outcome based learning is mostly an exercise in behaviour modification. That would explain the soaring number of behaviour related prescriptions.

PS. It seems in some cases I have been calling it object based learning. I think the slip of the tongue is a result of the train of thought I was following when I was writing the original post on the subject.

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3 thoughts on “Outcome Based Learning II”

  1. I had teachers who worked hard (or were more naturally gifted) at making the subject matter interesting and engaging. But I don’t remember ever being asked for input as to what the subject matter should be.

  2. Junior school – took our interests very seriously (private, very expensive)…Senior school (private, very expensive…)couldn’t care less. Never been so bored before or since.

  3. Carrie – My experience exactly. Those are likely the teachers you remember best though.

    Carlotta – In hindsight, do you think the change in school contributed to your eventual realization in educational philosophy/methodology?

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