Yard Work

When we bought this house 4 years ago it had been empty for more than two years. During the first summer, I was spending all of my available time getting the house in Miramichi ready to put on the market. So, the yard had suffered three years of neglect. When I started working on it, I found that the previous occupying owner had put down landscape and sheets of plastic, cut holes to plant a few things and then mulched. While that may work for a garden that’s being cared for, left to itself, it makes for a complete mess when neglected.

The mulch had decomposed and was full of twitch grass and other weed roots. The side garden had several shrubs and only one of them even looked halfway decent. In the spring two years ago, I ripped all but two of them out. One of the ones I removed was only about 3 feet away from one of the ones I kept. That summer the remaining one grew and looked healthy. Last summer, it blossomed. this year, you can hardly see the leaves for the blossoms:

When I was doing the final prep work on the house in Miramichi I brought two rugosa and two antique rose bushes here. Both are strains are old enough that they have no copyrighted/trademark to restrict natural propagation. Both grow suckers of the same type of rose from the roots, so they are not a product of grafting. Last year I moved a couple of the sucker plants to the side garden. Here’s one getting ready to blossom:

There are a couple other pics in Andrea’s photo stream which you can get to by clicking on either of the images above.