This is education

Andrea already posted this photo:

Emma painting

I love this photo. I think it captures alot of the essence of what we are and have been doing for our children. They get to be around us and see us doing real stuff. And most of the time, we let them try it out too 🙂

A couple months ago, Meaghen mentioned that she would like to have hens again. What came to mind almost immediately was Meaghan at about the same age (as Emma above) running across the yard with a hen tucked under her arm. We had always taken care to be gentle and calm around the hens. They didn’t mind being picked up and carried in your arms like a kitten. And one time to be a bit funny I picked one up and tucked her under my arm.

I still chuckle over seeing that out the window.

Author: Ron

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5 thoughts on “This is education”

  1. Thanks Chris. Being away from home I find this picture reminds me of more things that make her unique than any posed picture.

    Carlotta – Perhaps a visit to Canada might be in order 🙂

  2. And not only did you trust her to paint, you also trusted her not to use a drop cloth. I love the impromptu unposed shots too, especially when a kid is engaged in a project.

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