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Homeschool Country Fair

Between Carrie and Andrea I had an idea. Since non homeschooled kids are off to school over the next few weeks, this is often the time of year when HS parents get a barrage of questions/discussion with parties who haven’t given alot of thought to what they are asking/saying. I’m interested in doing a post of links to blog posts with answers to such questions. How does ‘homeschooling for dummies’ sound? If it strikes you as something fun and different, leave me a link in the comments. I’ll try to do the post on Sunday night.

Update: You can email me links at ron at atypicalhomeschool dot net. You can write something new or send me a links to posts you have already written. I had in mind the ‘subject for dummies’ series of books which approach the subject as though the reader starts out knowing nothing about it. That thought came to mind mostly because the 2 posts mentioned above reminded me of conversations I’ve had with people who could use a ‘homeschooling for dummies’ book. But, I’m not particularly stuck on that. If you would like to write something which is sarcastic or funny, please do. Although, my kids (and possibly others’) read this blog and if it’s not clean I won’t link to it.

Deadline? I plan on posting on Sunday night, so I would need the submission by early evening Sunday (eastern time).

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6 thoughts on “Call for submissions”

  1. Are you looking for serious answers – or the sarcastic ones that pop into my head and cause me to bite my tongue to keep them from flooding out?

  2. Yeah, that does sound fun. I’ll toss something together when I know the deadline. I can’t really function without pressure!

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  4. You’re invited to participate in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective New School Years” to encourage new homeschoolers or those needing a pep talk for the new year!

    Just share what works in your home,,,,we’re always learning from one another.

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