Into the cloud

Into the cloud
Hill behind the houses disappears into the cloud.

It’s been raining here quite a bit over the last week & it is cool with the humidity quite high. I saw several instances of hills disappearing into a cloud.

Storm a brewing

Storm clouds
Storm brewing to the east

I made a Lakeville/Fredericton return trip earlier today. I stopped at the Subway in Woodstock to grab a sub for supper. Even though it was bright and sunny at the Subway, some folk not too far away were getting a good soaking. By the time I left Subway 5 minutes later it was overcast to the point where the shadows had disappeared.


As I mentioned in the last post, I wanted to do a series of pics as the snow melted. We still have a few days to go 😀

Today –

2 days ago –

4 days ago –


For the last couple weeks I’ve been thinking about doing a picture a day as the snow melts. This weekend the snow did start shrinking back (some). By the look of the weather forecast, I’m expecting a good amount of snow will disappear this week. Unfortunately, my schedule this week is such that I’m not going to be able to follow through on my idea which was to take a picture from the same spot every day for a week and post them. Likely, the next day that I’ll be able to take a picture is Thursday after work. Here is the picture I took yesterday afternoon:

The blue at the bottom of the picture is the top of the compost barrel. The snowbank in the upper centre of the picture is about 10 feet deep. I’m interested in seeing what it looks like in 2 or 3 days.

I couldn’t resist

Opportunities for fun like this don’t happen that often. You have to grab them while you can 😀

Bike on crust

You can click through for more pics.

Photo entry

After supper, I walked down to the lake to get a few pictures of the sunset. I stopped a few steps short of the lake shore and looked back. I couldn’t resist. Even to the naked eye, my tracks disappeared in the distance. I would guess that I was standing on between 3 & 4 feet of snow. There were many spots on the way down that I left no tracks at all. Over night Saturday night, we had a mixture of freezing rain and ice pellets. The few places I’ve punched a hole through the crust it has been about 3 inches thick. The last time I remember having a crust that solid was 30 years ago (also on March break). For 2 days, we spent 8-10 hours on our bikes going places we had never been able to take our bikes before or since.


… in another small corner of the internet.

Andrea & I tossed the parental coin to decide who would go. Even though I would have liked to have gone, I’m glad she did. I probably would not have got a decent shot. She easily snapped 50 good ones.

Quick pic

Today we took over 150 pictures with the camera. Andrea has uploaded a few here. I was going to upload a few of my favourites but it’s now past 11:30 PM. Here’s one of my favourites:

More pics

These pics are now about 2 months old. I’d planned on doing a post at the time and for one reason or another it didn’t happen.

A nice shot of a Canada goose standing on our lawn:

The one above was keeping an eye on me while the others were eating; giving all appearances of being unconcerned that I was about 40 feet away:

We had alot of baby toads hopping around. I caught one to show the girls. It took a bit of work to keep it in my hand long enough for someone to take the picture. Within a week of taking this, there were none to be found that were this small: