New Site

Over the last couple months I’ve been posting pictures of my watercolour paintings. I hadn’t painted with watercolour prior to starting the class in October.

The main difficulty with watercolour as a medium is that it’s difficult to fix a painting once you have made a mistake. Even with that shortcoming I found that I really enjoy painting with watercolour.

Since this has traditionally been a homeschooling blog, I bought another domain for posting my watercolour paintings. It’s not completely set up yet but it’s live.

It will be after Christmas before I do much more to it but I will finish the setup within the next month or so. Check out Original Watercolour.

Starting the transition

For whatever reason, yesterday I woke up groggy. By suppertime I realized I wasn’t going to get into a groove and do a significant amount of programming. Instead of trying to plod away at that, I decided I would work on the color scheme & layout which I had talked about in my previous post. The theme I’m using is Prose. Because I work with nearly all the StudioPress Child themes doing the BuddyPress support, I usually grab the beta of a child theme as soon as it’s available. Prose wasn’t an exception.

Prose has a built-in designer that I added BP support for. I actually spent quite a bit more time working with Prose than I do with most child themes (as far as the BP support goes). While I was working with the beta, I decided I would use it on this site. Most of the time that went into the design was choosing the colors. The Prose designer makes it really easy and quick to implement.

I have plans to add more functionality via plugins. I’ve started those and hope to finish and have them live on the site by Christmas.


Site “move” successful 🙂 I’m getting a bit of practice at it ;D

Yes, the site is back on WP, sort of. It’s actually running on the WPMU 2.7 beta. I skipped from WP 2.0 to 2.7 (which has a new admin interface). I’ll have more news & explanation on the switch over the next few weeks.

Changing up

As long as things go well, I will switching blog platforms this evening. If you don’t see a new post in the RSS by tomorrow morning, swing by and resubscribe.

Upcoming changes

I’m going to be changing blogging platforms over the next couple weeks. I’m giving a bit of advanced notice to allow the weekly readers an opportunity to see the notice.

Renovations and a story

Sometime in the next few weeks this blog will be undergoing renovations. I have a rough idea of what I want to do but have decided exactly what and/or how I’m going to do it. I blame it on the fact that there have been recent changes to the backend of wordpress. I’d be the first to admit that the backend needed changes. Unfortunately, the changes that they made didnt address any of the issues that I felt needed to be addressed. You can blame it on my transition from early to mid-forties. if you like 😉

Now for the story.

When I arrive home for lunch today there was a car in the yard. It belongs to a friend who lives in our area. She was getting ready to make her way out when I came in. As a way of saying hello/goodbye she asked, “Do you know your kids are amazing/intelligent (I don’t remember which one)?”

Simply, “Yes, I do.”

That’s why we homeschool. They are every bit as amazing as they were at 6 months old. Preserving that was worth all sorts of sacrifices which I would make again at the drop of a hat.

Quick note

Comments are still not working. We have made progress with it, just not all the way there yet. In the interim, you can send me a note here.

Quick post (again)

This site has been up and down since Saturday due to the same issue we had with homeschool journal before we moved it. I won’t be posting again until it’s up on the new server.

Thinking blogger

Thanks Doc. I like the way you did that.

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