Carnival of Unschooling

With a hat-tip to The Education Wonks and the Carnival of Education, we’ve decided to toss our own hat in the ring and start up the Carnival of Unschooling.

What is a carnival? A collection of excellent and compelling blog posts on a particular topic. In this case, unschooling. I realize there will be a bit of an overlap, but unschooling and how it works here in the real world needs more publicity.

So, please send links to interesting posts on unschooling from the past month or so. We’ll consider anything from October 1st onwards. It can be written by you or someone else. You have until the end of the month, November 30th, to get them in and we’ll post them as soon as possible after that, definitely by the following Monday.

Send those submissions to: .

5 thoughts on “Carnival of Unschooling”

  1. Why not create an index page for your new carnival at… You can use the tools there to keep a schedule of past posts and future hosts, and they will help spread the word on your new carnival, so interested bloggers can submit their work.

  2. How did the carnival go? I just found the announcement, so missed out on it, but I may have a contribution if you’re doing it again.
    Will you be submitting it to the Conservative Cat for inclusion in the Carnival Submissions form?

  3. Sounds interesting… but, um, what’s “unschooling”… is that just the new, trendy term for home schooling? If it’s about bad education, you might care to read about Quebec’s screwy educational reform, modelled on Switzerland’s equally unsuccesful reform.
    Highlights include report cards with no grades, and children being forced on to the next grade even if they need an extra year to learn the material properly.

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