Homeschooling for Dummies – Chapter 1

If you are familiar with the ‘for Dummies’ series of books and the title of this post caught your attention, you may be one of the many parents who have considered homeschooling but, to date, have not. Many of the parents I have talked to about the possibility of homeschooling their own children expressed (in one form or another) the question, ‘Am I ready?’. Stephanie addresses that question with some advice. the question I ask you to consider while you are reading her post is. “When my child was born, did I leave him/her at the hospital with the experts while I got ready? Or did I take my child home with me knowing there were things I was going to have to learn, knowing that I would make mistakes, knowing that most parenting mistakes are not fatal and do not make someone a failure as a parent?”

The most common concern expressed about homeschooling is socialization. Carrie addresses that subject in some detail. The question I sometimes ask people who bring up the socialization question is, “Where in our society, beside school, do people have to get along with a whole group of people their own age?” A good companion post for this is another by Stephanie. I say this because often the concern behind the question of socialization is really one of exposure to the ‘real world’.

The second most common concern I’ve encountered is whether a parent is capable of teaching higher subjects. JoVE has written a great post on what is the subject I’ve seen parents have as a source of trepidation: math.

Finally, Kim has written a great post for parents who are homeschooling and encounter conversations which involve the above subjects.

Author: Ron

Homeschooling dad of 4 (ages 27 - 14), grampy to 3, WordPress core contributor, former farmboy & software developer by profession.

7 thoughts on “Homeschooling for Dummies – Chapter 1”

  1. Have you ever had to deal with the “kids thrive on schedules” statement? Right now, my husband is really pushing for us to have more of a school-ish schedule, and keeps bringing up that phrase. Any idea where that idea comes from, and how to counter it (peacefully, lol)?

  2. Hey, Gem, some kids do thrive on schedules. But if yours are thriving right now, then there isn’t a problem. Evidence. Much of the argument about any of these issues lacks evidence.

  3. That’s a good collection, Ron. I think I have an older post on learning along with your kids instead of thinking you need to be an expert to teach your kids, too.

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