A homeschooling meme

The brainchild of Imperfect Genius, so blame her. 🙂

1) What country/region/state do you live in?
New Brunswick, Canada.

2) How long have you been homeschooling? Just getting started, old pro or somewhere in between?
Since early 1994, which makes it 12 years. Some days I feel like an old pro, somedays somewhere in the middle.

3) Write a little something about your family. Ages? Stages?

Addison – 18 and done. Currently preparing to leave for college.
Sarah – 15. Works at subway, loves playing her guitar. Phone permanently attached to ear.
Meaghan – 13. Can find her in kitchen cooking something yummy or making something interesting. She’s the quiet one.
Emma – 5. Usually up to something.

Oh, and if you didn’t catch it, Ron works in another city and we’re fixing up our house so we can sell it and move over there to join him.

4) Share some good homeschooling advice you’ve run across.
Relax. Hard to do though.

5) Tell us something you’re passionate about (besides your family and homeschooling, those are givens!).
Well, if I can’t list homeschooling, I’d say I am currently passionate about home renovations. I also have a “thing” for breastfeeding and natural childbirth.

6) If you could take the ultimate field trip, where would you go and why?
Egypt. That should be self-explanitory.

7) What is a resource you can’t do without?
Teh internets.
(Note: It is spelled that way on purpose. Geek joke.)

8) How do you homeschool? Classical, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Unschooling, Eclectic?
Ecclectically unschooled.

9) Share a website or two that you visit often – can be your favorite blogger or a curriculum supplier, just any sites you really like.
homeschooljournal.net and bloglines.com

10) Tell us about one of your favorite projects/activities/trips you’ve had in the past few months.
Well, we’re almost finished with the bedroom. We ripped up the old tiles, sanded off some of the finish, painted the softwood floor, and now we’re doing the walls. It’s going to look great when we are done, really fresh.

11) What is a current/previous homeschooling challenge you’ve faced?
Well, six years ago we (okay *I*) got really burnt out on our school-in-a-box curriculum and even snet Addiosn ot public school for two years. I spent that time deschooling (although I didn’t know what it was called then) and re-educating myself. The articles at Homeschool Oasis really helped me. Our Christian readers will love it, our non-Christian readers may still be able to get something from it. I didn’t take the course she offers, the large list of articles were enough for me, although I did wind up buying her Senior High Form-U-La book.

12) Share an accomplishment, something about you or your children. Come on, brag about it!
Addison is a crew trainer at McD’s, in line for a manager position. Sure, we all joke about it, but the job is *hard*, especially if you are a teen. Sarah is a sandwich artist at Subway and is doing awesome there as well.
Also, my teenagers will hug me and tell me they love me. Even when I don’t force them and they don’t want anything.
I also run homeschooljournal.net. Getting that up and running and making changes that work gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

13) What are you looking forward to over the coming year?
Moving and getting all that settled.
Seeing Emma become a fluent reader.

14) Name three things you like doing in the summer with your family.
Going on long exploratory drives. At least I think we like it, as we do it often. 🙂
Getting together with family I don’t see often.
Getting together and eating.
Going to the beach.

15) Have a favorite homeschooling quote? Share it here.
“Birds fly, fish swim, children learn.” – John Holt

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