Cleaning out

A week ago, Andrea wrote in her blog

Meaghan is moving out and going to Fredericton for work, so we are cleaning out all kinds of crap that I’d been keeping “just in case” When you’re down to one kid, there’s a lot you suddenly realize you don’t need any more. We’re motivated to finish up a few things on our house too, with room to shuffle around.

This weekend was a long weekend & we had a two-day yard sale. Interestingly, the most appropriate post shows up in that post’s related post list.

I never want to move all my crap again.

After that last move I had said I didn’t want to move again until the kids had all moved out. When Meaghan told us earlier this year that she was planning on moving out we started giving thought to the day where we would put our house on the market.

Even though we had had a few clean out sessions we still had (and have) quite a bit of stuff that we were mostly hanging onto just in case. This is a big house and we have lots more room than we need. Keeping most of that extra stuff wasn’t inconveniencing us much at all. So, there wasn’t a great deal of urgency in trimming it down.

What we decided to do was work our way through the house and put everything into one of five categories: things to keep that we are currently using, things to keep that we won’t need for six months (ex. winter tires), things to sell (hence the yard sale), things to donate to charity, and things to toss.

A couple months ago we rented storage space for six months. As we’ve been working our way through the house, we’ve accumulated stacks of each category. Once we get a carload of charity items or storage items we load up the car & off it goes. Now that we had the yard sale, Andrea has a list of the “to sell” items that are going to go to charity.

It’s been really good for us to go through and decide on the things that we really want to keep and the things that we can let go of. I’m glad we decided to do this now rather than wait until Emma was in the range of thinking about moving out.

A side benefit to this is that once Meaghan moves we’re going to have enough empty space that it’s going to be relatively easy to empty some rooms to do some renovations that we’ve been postponing. To date we haven’t applied a fresh coat of paint to any of the tin ceilings. With just the three of us here we’ll be able to move sleeping quarters to one half of the house or the other and keep the fumes out of the half we are sleeping in.

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