Late Post

I wanted to write a brief note to explain a lack of posts the last few weeks. To a degree, I’ve been expecting for some time that my employer was going to move me to an office in another town about 15 minutes drive away. This week, I packed up all 3 of my boxes of work related material and my computer and moved to said town. The office I’m in is temporary and in a few weeks I’ll be moving to another location (in the same town) and working there for an indefinite number of months (probably 5-10).

Since March, in the area where I’m now working, nothing has shown up for rent that has more than 2 bedrooms. There are places which have been running ads. But, as I’ve found out, some list them on a regular basis whether or not they have anything available. There is alot of compiling of waiting lists. So far, I’ve actually only seen one place that was big enough for us to move (i.e. bring all of our belongings) into. And that house is almost an hour’s drive from my new work location.

I don’t think this has quite reached the depressing stage yet. However, the ads that I’ve seen in the last couple weeks suggest that we are likely going to be living this way for a while. I won’t have any trouble getting a more permanent residence there for me. It won’t be ideal. But, among other things, I’ll be able to go home for lunch and eat ‘real’ food.

Anyway, if you don’t hear much from me in the next week, it’s because it may take all week to setup and have appointments to look at potential places.

Author: Ron

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