This weekend

Again this week, I haven’t gotten in any reading since Wednesday. Tonight, I’m going to be putting a bit of time into the homeschool journal site. Also, I’ve added the link to hsj to the sidebar on the first sticky. If you’re not a regular reader of Andrea’s blog, you might not know that we met up on Thursday afternoon and arrived back home today. One of the reasons we met up was to celebrate our anniversary to go further in debt meet with our credit union manager to sign papers for a loan for a vehicle. For the last 7 weeks, I’ve been driving a rental (actually had 2 vehicles over the 7 weeks). The rental was part of the signing agreement. I had committed (back in February) to taking the car back today.

So, here is a pic of the car. It’s not new, but looks and drives as though it is.

Ford Focus

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4 thoughts on “This weekend”

  1. Very NICE. Happy anniversary! And now, with each payment you can remember just how much and how long you’ve loved each other! *snickers* Sorry, really that was meant to be funny… it’s just not coming through in type very well. ((hugs))

  2. Having a job can really increase the old expenses but maybe it’s worth it 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to your discussion of some of the religious stuff though I can wait. You might be interested in what Angela over at MotherCrone’s Homeschool wrote about that recently. Here and here. I’m still mulling though I highly recommend Neil Young’s song When God Made Me on the Prairie Wind album.

  3. Jax – It has a manual transmission (something getting rare in North American cars).

    ToadyJoe – we are doing bi-weekly payments. I’ll hardly have a chance to forget 😉

    JoVE – The other vehicle we have is a full size van. Gas savings will mostly pay for the second vehicle. (Thanks for the links. I left her a comment.)

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