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Last week I mentioned a disappearing post. What I think happened to it is that it posted with an old date and never appeared on the first page of the blog. I didn’t notice it wasn’t there until I went to refer to it. Anyway, it was a bit of an update on our living & work situation. The abbreviated version would be as follows:

In 3 months, I found a total of 4 houses to look at for renting. Of them, only one of them was large enough for us to move to as a family. That one was a long distance away from the town I was working in. Since I have moved offices (and towns), it would be close to an hour’s drive away. And there were no new houses (at least ones where the person who wanted to rent returned phone calls) that showed up for rent in April. In NB, it is fairly common for people to move to some other province and rent out their house. But, for most of them, if they’ve found stable work and their house were to be vacated this time of year, they would likely put it on the market to sell.

I came to the conclusion a couple weeks ago that we were not likely going to find a house to rent until fall. For the last 12 weeks I’ve been living in my (Andrea’s) aunt’s guestroom. I would really be overstaying my welcome if I were to stay another 5 months or more. So, I decided to look for a 2 bedroom apartment which would give us the space to have Andrea and/or some of the kids come and spend the week with me here sometimes while we are getting the home we currently own ready to put on the market. This weekend I started working on one of the five projects that need to be finished before it can go on the market. At least 2 of the projects are the ‘call a contractor’ kind of project (one of those will take less than a day). For the last few weekends, I’ve also been doing some landscaping outside toward that same end. But, I don’t expect to be ready to put it on the market before the end of the summer.

I did find an apartment last week. It is only a few minutes drive from the office where I’m working and I will be able to go home for lunch every day. I’m expecting to be away most of both this week and next week. So, I won’t likely get set up there for a couple weeks. I am hoping to get a couple more posts in by Tuesday night (as you won’t here from me again until Saturday). Under current plans, next week will be a repeat of this week.

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  1. Moving always turns out to be more complicated than we’d like. Sounds like your interim solution is a pretty good one.

  2. Sorry things haven’t worked out the way you’d hoped! I’ll keep praying for things to settle – your house to sell when you’re ready and the perfect house for you to move into in the fall.

  3. We went through the whole relocation/moving thing a year ago. Before that we spent a few montsh with Helen working away from home. Not fun, hope it gets sorted

  4. I put in a deposit today and picked up the keys. I won’t likely do anything with it until next week other than arrange to get utilities transferred into my name.

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